About Lafaina

Lafa & Ina → “Selimut Mama”

Symbolizing warmth & protection

Lafaina is a social enterprise group that focuses on empowerment as its main driving story through preserving culture, community development and sustainability so that customers can join in the Lafaina Journey and feel the true East Nusa Tenggara experience through Ikat, Handwoven Products and our One of a kind Offline Store Experience.

Our Story

It started with a single journey in 2009. A trip to the East, our hometown, where we saw the underlying cracks beneath East Nusa Tenggara’s beauty. The very condition of it’s people in need. As people from an agricultural background, we felt that we had to do something. So every year we return to conduct trainings for organic farming and programs to empower Mama, the weavers.

Our Mission

Lafaina embodies the story of East Nusa Tenggara. As a storytelling & narrative heavy brand that aims to show Lafaina’s purpose of preserving East Nusa Tenggara culture through Village Empowerment, Community Development, and Sustainability through ethically made handwoven textiles and goods sourced from the hands of Mama or Ina, the weavers.
Sustainability – Products that are sustainable, safe for the environment and have a positive impact on the community. Weaving groups are fostered not only as weavers but also as local entrepreneurs who are proud of the culture and the work and local craftsmanship that exist in their respective locations.
Preserving Culture – Preserving the weaving culture of East Nusa Tenggara as an ancestral heritage that must be preserved and passed on to future generations, by showcasing the stories, characteristics, and original patterns of East Nusa Tenggara handwoven ikat.


is a foundation that is committed to training, monitoring, and educating farmers and weavers to become independent entrepreneurs that produce sustainable premium quality products through organic and environmentally friendly methods. We aim to improve the well-being and living standards of farmers and their families through fair trade, by helping farmers and weavers partner with buyers who value their work.

Women and Childrens Program

  • Cooperating with local Puskesmas to provide nutritious food for malnourished toddlers.
  • Improving primary schools and basic learning needs for early childhood and elementary school children.
  • Building creative classrooms for mothers and children using locally available natural materials.

Farmers & Weavers Development

  • Production management of organic farming and weaving products.
  • Partnership management training (farmers become business partners who help market their products).
  • Tani Tenun Foundation training agricultural product processing systems by adhering to a food safety system from nature (using local sources).

Social & Creative Economy

  • Provision of clean water by making dug wells or pumps in areas where water is scarce.
  • Repair of places of worship and schools.
  • Construction of creative houses where mothers and young women gather to learn creativity from natural sources.